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(Recent) Developments achieved:

Optimised electromagnetic stirring (EMS) in billet casters, and EMBR & FCII in slabcasters

Process tuning of Argon, submerging depth, level & throughput

Intermix optimisation and adapted tundish filling practises

Tuning of sticker & LFC for minimim of false alarms

Mould Taper settings billets and slabs depending on more than peritectic rule

Oscillation patterns depending from steelgrade (including asinusoidal)

Licence to operate skills for working ControlPlans, FMEA’s, MSA’s, OCAP’s etc

Experienced in interpreting mouldLVDT’s, LaserDoppler speed/length measurement

Awareness of automated slab inspection systems

Application of Operational management techniques like OPEX, Lean&Mean, self-learning, PROMES, 6Sigma, PPS, DoE, Agile including essential scrums etc

Data analyses used for Optimising proces parameters (for reducing customer complaints and reducing product defects after hot, cold rolling or galvanising). 

Use of and skilled in Advanced analytics, R-Studio, BusinessObject, SAS, Spotfire, Minitab, Python, Excel